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Gazelle CMS

Advanced Content Management System
In 2009, Earnware embarked on a mission to build the fastest and most scalable local business directory platform in existence. We did exactly that. Earnware’s goal was to enable serious website publishers (like us) to serve millions of geographically relevant, search friendly pages, supporting millions of users on a fast, flexible and secure platform. Our own popular websites such as demonstrates the platform’s ability to serve 10+ million pages of syndicated search friendly, geographically relevant content, supporting 100,000+ visitors per day.

Earnlink Adz

Email Monetization Marketplace
As a publisher you can select available native ad or advertorial markup (styled or wired framed) to publish within your email content, website, or app. Earnware curates the best performing ads, supplies tested, proven creatives and pays out as much as 80% to qualified publishers. Earnware tests and curates CPC, CPA and CPM offers for experienced email managers to monetize their newsletters and lists with greater confidence and ease.


Email Link Manager
Earnlink enables email managers to create custom links that automatically segment your data based on curated user engagement. Earnlink also enables marketing managers to provide custom tracking links to partners or affiliates that automatically filter bots and fraudulent clicks to protect your brand and your advertising investment. Earnlink also supports any number of custom redirect links to make sure your emails are not ever associated with potentially blacklisted domains.


ESP Middleware
Digital Marketing Middleware is an essential layer that helps protect and grow email list investments. Deep Sea was designed to run in-the-middle of your public website forms, sales funnels, CRMs, ESPs & Autoresponders. It does the job of capturing, validating and distributing opt-in email addresses to the proper resource while providing the user with one centrally convenient place to manage their subscription.


Email List Builder Tools
Listmatic captures subscribers and provides user-friendly subscriber list subscriptions that work with most ESP and CRM systems. To generate new subscribers fast, Earnware’s proven email subscriber capture methods can be triggered on any piece of content or quiz to expose a limited amount of free content before initiating a slide-up dialog that can convey a good reason to subscribe; such as: (“Subscribe Free to Continue Reading”). Listmatic can be added to any page or omitted where it isn’t likely to convert.

Quiz Capture

Subscriber Capture Quiz Maker
QuizCapture helps build your list by capturing meaningful data for the website and provides actionable feedback to the user. QuizCapture gives digital marketers the ability to offer interesting and valuable scores or assessments on just about anything. Survey questions are easy to set-up, each answer is assigned a numerical value and the user’s score is calculated and presented to them along with relevant recommendations to increase their score.

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